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By The Conversation
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, De Montfort University

Anyone looking for a visual representation of Donald Trump’s first year in office need only behold Time magazine’s cover marking the anniversary. Composed by artist Edel Rodriguez, it depicts Trump as a furious, bellowing mouth, his notorious hair rendered in livid flames.

For a year of poisonous rhetoric backed up with few substantial achievements, it could scarcely be more apt. Without even a glance at a policy checklist, the most casual observer knows that Trump has torn up the presidential rule book and set the shreds on fire.

Year One. My new cover for TIME magazine, on newsstands today. art: Footlocker Finishline Sale Online Cheap Price Free Shipping DENIM Denim trousers Alexander Wang Clearance Find Great Tj673

— Edel Rodriguez (@edelstudio) January 11, 2018

Ever since the Kennedy era ushered in the personalised presidency, scholars of US politics have cautioned their students to beware of the shiny distractions that take up the news agenda and focus on the substance of what the executive branch is doing – the most meaningful business is often done in the shadows. But, then again, rhetoric is a powerful tool of the executive. A president’s words – and tweets – really matter.

Trump has spent the past two-and-a-half years crafting a political style which, when distilled, consists of little more than catchy soundbites and incandescent tweets. Detractors might scorn his freewheeling (to put it politely) verbal style, but from the start of his campaign, he energised his supporters in a way that his Democratic opponent could only dream of – and all while giving only the sketchiest details of how he planned to achieve anything once elected.

But, on the campaign trail, a candidate can be forgiven for lacking substance – in fact, it may be an advantage. As far as campaigns go, substance can be hard to sell – Hillary Clinton was roundly mocked for offering dull, wonky stump speeches demonstrating her grasp of complex policy problems . The Make America Great Again mantra, on the other hand, was a stroke of Reaganesque genius, vague enough that voters could read into it whatever they liked.

Governing, though, is another matter. Trump has not shifted American public opinion on any given issue, and nor has he tried. Instead, he has focused on gratifying his tribal base.

Don’t look too hard

For now at least, the 39-40% of voting Americans who Black Damn Your Eyes SAlby Hoodie Diesel Browse x0TMc36
appear satisfied with the president and his “America First” rhetoric, despite his administration’s paucity of meaningful achievements. To the extent Trump had a plan, this is in keeping with it. As presidential scholar George Edwards has detailed , Trump came to office with a powerful slogan and even some goals, but no discernible strategy.

Here’s more. When people join our Twitter chat and use the hashtag, they help to increase the reach of the hashtag (and, indirectly, our brand). With the help of our awesome community, the#bufferchat hashtag reaches millions of people every week!

If you would like to start a Twitter chat, you might find these two blog posts useful:

When we think about reach and engagement, we often think about our tweets and not our replies. But that’s missing the secret reach of those replies . Replies on Twitter can receive impressions and engagement, just as if you are sharing a piece of content.

Replies on Twitter can receive impressions and engagement, just as if you are sharing a piece of content.

This customer support reply by Karinna was seen more than 3,000 times.

This#bufferchat reply by Arielle was seen nearly 3,000 times.

Most of our replies don’t get many impressions — about 100 to 200 each. But considering that we sent hundreds of replies every day, that can add up very quickly!

Furthermore, the new timeline algorithm seems to feature replies more prominently on your followers’ timeline if they are also following the other account.

Besides increasing your reach, it is a great Twitter practice and is beneficial to your business.In a study with more than 3,000 Twitter users, Twitter found several benefits to replying to questions from customers 9 Wild Grace offtheshoulder silk jumpsuit Athena Procopiou Buy Cheap Best Seller Free Shipping 2018 Newest jCqh1tJFZ
, 2016

As organic reach is falling, most social media platforms are becoming a pay-to-play channel. If you have some budget to spare, you could perhaps experiment with some Twitter ads.

As organic reach is falling, most social media platforms are becoming a pay-to-play channel.

Twitter has made it easier to boost a single tweet (just like on Facebook). Here’s how:

First, find the tweet that you want to promote. Oftentimes, tweets that have done well organically will perform even better when promoted. Click on the bar chart icon at the bottom of the tweet.

Then, click on “Promote your tweet” in the lower-left corner of the popup. You’ll be prompted to fill in your personal information and credit card details if this is the first time you’re promoting a tweet.

Then, set your location and budget. The location and budget options are a little limited compared with Facebook’s “Boost post”, which makes it easier to choose. If you prefer more fine-tuning, you could head over to your Twitter ads manager to create a new campaign from scratch.

Finally, click “Confirm spend” to start your promotion. Yay!

Twitter is even testing an automated tweet promotion service. For $99 a month, Twitter will automatically amplify your tweets and profile to help you increase your reach, engagement, and following. This service is still in beta but might be opened up to brands if it goes well. ( Black Line Detail TShirt Neil Barrett Latest Collections Cheap Online Cheap Sale Ebay Hot Wiki Cheap Online Clearance Store Sale Online M3HIRThuC

And that’s not the only way folks at ASU are providing kids with an appreciation for and strong foundation of knowledge about the natural world: The Sustainability Teachers’ Academy has been educating K–12 teachers across the nation on how to incorporate sustainability science into their classroom curriculum since 2015.

Mankind’s current trajectory as it relates to the Earth’s resources is not sustainable, said Molly Cashion, regional program manager for the Sustainability Teachers’ Academy. “So it’s really beneficial to students to start that kind of thinking earlier in the K–12 sphere because it’s going to inform the way we’ll move forward in the future with jobs and how we live in the world.”

Early’s idea to have kids write to trees as part of YAWP was inspired by an Atlantic article detailing a program in Melbourne , Australia, where various trees were assigned email addresses so that residents could report issues like dangerous branches. Instead, people wrote musing letters to the trees about their beauty, current events and life in general.

That kind of engagement with nature and the respect it engenders is exactly what Early was hoping to achieve, and it appears to have worked — more than one of the children wrote to the trees on ASU’s campus thanking them for providing the oxygen that allows them to live.

Still more were besotted with a sudden curiosity for the all things green, asking questions like, Why is stuff poisonous? And, why do avocados have seeds?

“The idea is to inspire a feeling of wonder in kids when it comes to the outdoors,” said Kelly Hedberg, program instructor and founder of See By Chloé ruffle neck shirt How Much Cheap Price Outlet Classic 925El
, an after-school gardening program that specializes in garden-based education for children, adults and educators in Arizona schools, community and public settings.​

“In school we don’t really learn about nature,” said Jackson Sitchler, 10, who attends Ward Traditional Academy in Tempe. But he was clearly enjoying himself at YAWP — an anthropomorphized onion he drew to illustrate a writing assignment sparked dozens of questions from other kids wanting to know things like, Do onions have genders?

Catalina Bracamonte, 8, of Phoenix, examines the texture of a palm tree at the Young Adult Writing Program for fourth and fifth graders from around the Valley on June 6, 2018. Photo by Charlie Leight/ASU Now

Early met Hedberg and fellow YAWP instructor and Dig It! Outdoors educator Cory Pfitzer through the program’s involvement with Broadmor Elementary in Tempe, where their children go to school.

Sensing an opportunity to leverage Hedberg and Pfitzer’s gardening knowledge in service of merging science education with the arts, Early invited them to attend a National Writing Project workshop on teaching writing and science, then worked with them to embed writing workshops into the Dig It! Outdoors curriculum for grades K–5 at Broadmor. Finally, they adapted that same model for YAWP.

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Typography creates aesthetic tone, which impacts the overall feel of communicationpieces.Combining serif and sans serif fonts is the easiest way to createcontrast and increase readability for your audience.When combining typefaces, weights, and colors,please keep in mind that mixing too many fonts on a single page can have the opposite effect and muddy the hierarchy. Mixing fonts and font qualitiesis most suc­ess­ful when each has a consistent role throughout the document.For example, you can use one font for headlines or titles, another font or weight forthe body copy, and a third for callouts and pullquotes.

The Office of Strategic Communication recommends Gotham, Whitney, Archer,and Sentinel for usewithin the UIvisual identity system.These fonts are versatile enough to cross platforms and allow for strong typographic design in both print and web uses.Each isavailable in a wide range of weights and widths, which may be usedto create contrast andhierarchy.

Sans SerifFonts

Gotham is a confident and boldsans serif typeface with four different widths: regular, narrow, extra narrow, and condensed. It is modern in style, with wide letterforms.Within the UI visual identity, use Gotham regular or narrowas a primaryfont.

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Whitney is a modern and versatile sans serif typeface that works well for both editorial demands and large display type. It is compact,yet features a large x-height that makes it easy to read at small sizes.Within the UI visual identity, Whitney is used primarily for webbodytext.

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Archer is an easy-to-work-with slab serif typefacethat combines antiqueand geometricstyling withinits letterforms. It provides a pleasantcontrast to Gotham. Within the UI visual identity, use Archer as an accent or to draw emphasis to emotive words or calls to action in display sizetype.

Print/Desktop Licensing forArcher

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is a versatileslab serif typefacethat works well across a range of sizes. It is a good solution when a serif typeface is desired for body text in print.Within the UI visual identity, use Sentinel as a secondary font toGotham.

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Licensing andImplementation


At this time, the Office of Strategic Communication is able to provide a university-wide license for these fonts (for web use only). There is no charge to use them on any site or application under For information abouthow to implement the fonts on your site/application, visit the Wide Range Of Sale Online Amazing Price Cheap Price Reactor Stretchjersey Top Under Armour Marketable Cheap Price 66gv9HPpO


Print/desktop licensing is available for these fonts at Cheap Price Fake As65 rainbow palm tree Tshirt Discount Footlocker Pictures Clearance Shop Offer Clearance Comfortable URgXDvoNG
. Several bundle options existat varying costs. Though it isn’t necessary to purchase entire collections, the Office of Strategic Communication recommends the following bundles withineach fontfamily:

Contact for additional guidance on bundleselection.


If you are unable to purchase a license for print use (or in situations where the recommended fonts are unavailable), use one of these alternative systemfonts.

Arialas a substitute forGotham andWhitney

PUBLISHED February 6, 2014

Robert is the founder of Fast Delivery COATS amp; JACKETS Synthetic Down Jackets Centauro Clearance Websites Discounts For Sale Visit New Cheap Online lXy8RP
, a site dedicated to help beginning style students get started. His site offers practical, easy-to-follow advice that will set you on track to looking your best damn self.

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49 Responses

  1. Breno on

    Definitely one of the most useful posts I’ve read in a while. I’ve stumbled into this concept a couple of times when women complimented me saying my light skin and dark hair went great with my choice of clothes, but I couldn’t figure what I had done. You just solved the problem for me, thanks!

  2. Nate on

    Easily the best article on this subject. I’ve google searched countless others, but this one is very thorough and informative. Continuing with this discussion…I’m a high contrast (Black hair, white skin) so would I do the same with my pant and shirt combination? light shirt / dark trousers and dark shirt / light trousers?

    Great job Rob!

    • Womens Camiseta TShirt Pedro del Hierro Purchase Cheap T3NwdNrzWL

      Thanks, Nate.

      Good question. This technique is most effective when you apply it to the clothes you wear on your torso. The effect is lessened when you’re only wearing pants and a shirt.

      And if you’re only wearing a shirt and pants, you also have to think about your length. Short guys will look better when their top half matches their bottom half closely, while tall guys will look better when they break up their length with contrast.

      In this case, those rules would trump the contrast rules, but you should always keep both in mind.

      For example, a tall, low-contrast guy is better off wearing a dark pants/light shirt combination, because he breaks up his length without creating a contrast near his face. If he’d wear light pants with a dark shirt the shirt would draw the attention, because it’d be centered.

      Does that make any sense?

    • beardedman on

      Agree, this is the most easily understandable explanation I’ve seen. I’m reading Alan Flusser’s “Dressing The Man” and of course he spends a good bit of time on this subject along with color, but he seems to have left out a good way to find your own contrast level easily. Bravo!!

  3. jackbrannen on

    Hi Robert. Not to be pedantic, but the middle “complementary color” option in the image above is light blue on dark blue. Those aren’t complementary. Or am I missing something? Just checking because I found the article helpful and want to make sure I understand it correctly.

  4. Lorenz on

    Great advice, gotta take the time and sort through all the info. I’m blond and rather pale, I usually feel good in e.g. navy blue but never thought about the why much.

  5. Amir Khan on

    Hi, great article …. read first about same in allen flusser book. I have a question. Lets say that its summer time and what we are wearing is only a upper (tshirt, shirt) and a jeans and some accessories. As now we dont have layer to put, so will contrast in jeans and tshirt/shirt will have same effect as what discussed above??

    • Robert van Tongeren on

      The effect is strongest on your torso. You can also create contrast by wearing a striped T-shirt though. Or you could wear a contrasting summer scarf, if that’s your thing. Or a tie.

      The effect is somewhat lessened when it comes to jeans/shirt combinations, and you also have to think about your body length. But you should always keep contrast in mind.

      See my response to Nate in the comments below.

  6. Sirilly on

    One question though, even though your outfits are being talked about as a whole in this article, it seems like the amount of attention being drawn to your face only relies on the top half of it. So does that mean it’s ok to play the wild card when it comes to your jeans and pants, or no?

    • Robert van Tongeren on

      Yeah, the effect is strongest when it comes to clothes you wear on your torso, but you should always keep your contrast level in mind.

      See my responses to Amir and Nate below for more detail on that.

  7. Julian on

    Hi Robert. Quick question: I have pale skin and pale blond hair” so I’m a 1. But I also wear glasses.

    I have two pairs: one thick black frame (i.e. high contrast against my face) and a thin silver pair (very low contrast).

    … when I wear the black frames, should I consider myself a high contrast person in the same way as people with very dark skin/ hair do?

    … or should would I be better of just not wearing frames like this?

  8. Mario on

    You outdid yourself this time with this article. I’ve been trying to explain this to my friend who’s not so much into knowing all this stuff but who approaches me for help when he needs to go shopping 🙂 I’ve shared this with him, thanks a bunch! Good vibes to you my bro.

  9. Somebody on

    Hello! I am still struggling to figure out if I am a low contrast or medium contrast men. I am bold but I keep a stylish beard. Should It matter?

  10. lullemans72 on

    Hi, and thanks for the informative article. I have a question though. I have pale skin and brown hair and look like Daniel Radcliffe from Harry Potter. would that make me medium contrast or high contrast? The reason I ask this is because I’ve worn black suits before but I don’t find that I particularly look good in them. I feel that my face gets completely lost in the blackness of the suits, and it makes me look pale.

  11. Adrien on

    Thanks, Robert. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this informative and detailed article.

    How would you tackle this?: If a high-contrast gent wears a white shirt and charcoal jacket to create contrast to complement his face, but it’s a warm day, and half the time he has to take off his jacket. Without his jacket, it’s just his low-contrast pure-white shirt. Would a dark tie be a good way to create high contrast without his jacket? What if the event is too casual for a tie; what else can he use to create high contrast on his torso?

  12. Omayo856 on

    Excellent blog post , With regards to witch , if someone is requiring to merge two PDF files , my boss stumbled across presentation here